Three reasons to pick a career in cosmetology

Here at The Ritz Academy in Lake Charles, Louisiana, we know that picking your career path can be overwhelming. We all want a job that is fulfilling, has opportunities for financial and personal growth and somehow makes the world better. And not to brag (okay, maybe we’re bragging a little), but you can get all these things (and much more) with a career in the beauty industry. Read on for our top three reasons to pick a career in cosmetology, and then book a tour to learn about how we can help change your life.


We all want the ability to reach and exceed our financial goals, and after being trained by the best cosmetology school in Lake Charles, your career opportunities and earning potential is endless. As a stylist, you can work in salons, on runways, on movie sets, as a platform artist, an entrepreneur or educator (to name a few).

Many stylists enjoy limitless earning potential—meaning if you work hard, you can keep climbing and leveling-up your salary. Often, stylists earn money through a combination of a base pay, commission, tips and many other opportunities like becoming instructors and leaders in the salons.

Another perk of being a cosmetologist is the flexibility in scheduling. Many stylists enjoy the ability to set their own schedules, book guests when they are available and leave time open for taking care of life outside of work—whether it’s caretaking for kids, hobbies, or just downtime.


Loving your job is about so much more than just the money—and one of the biggest benefits to being a stylist is to have the ability to make others feel beautiful on the inside and outside. Spreading joy and feeling like we are making a positive impact on the world is extremely rewarding, and we feel lucky to do that every day.

Another beautiful perk? Cultivating relationships with our guests—the connections we form often lead to life-long friendships that we deeply cherish. Being a stylist is a career for those who are caring, who want to make others feel their best and want to make the world a more beautiful place.


When you pick a career in cosmetology with The Ritz Academy, our entire team will support your journey. When it comes time to find a job, we invite local salon owners and managers to spend time on our clinic floor observing our students—this allows them to pick people who will be the best fit for their salon and company culture. We also invite local stylists to share their knowledge and build support between our academy and the local cosmetology community, so you can network and find the right fit for your career.

Your education with us at The Ritz Academy will provide you the foundation and skills you need to thrive. Ready to learn more? Call us at 337-409-5000 to book a tour and see where your future begins.